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Energy Sourcing’s

Embedded Candidate™ Search

Energy Sourcing’s  Embedded Candidate™ Search guarantees you hire a candidate who will make a greater impact on your business. 

Why hire Energy Sourcing to conduct an Embedded Candidate Search?

  • Because stats show Active Candidates have a 400% higher turnover rate in the 1st year!
  • Because “A” players rarely apply to jobs.
  • Because candidates who are already making a big impact at their current companies must be hunted down.
  • Because Energy Sourcing can attract “Embedded” candidates other recruiters can’t.
  • Because “Embedded” candidates can be 2 to 4 times more productive that “Active” candidates.
  • Because, we care back our searches with a 5-Year Placement Guarantee!
Here’s more detail:   Why you want to Hire an Embedded Candidate

Our Embedded Candidate™ Search promise is we will deliver candidates who are:


Energy Sourcing’s Embedded Candidate™ Search will identify candidates who have a stable work history and have a proven history of adding value over time.


Embedded Candidates™ are typically the “A” Players who are 2 to 4 times more impactful and productive than Active Candidates. They are the one’s who drive companies forward.


Our Embedded Candidate™ Search process also analyzes company goals and candidate career goals to ensure there is a long term fit which provides candidates with appropriate challenges and growth opportunities.

Embedded Candidate™ Searches also include:


We are so confident in our ability to find stable, high performing Embedded Candidate’s for our clients, we provide a 5 Year Placement Guarantee which gives our clients the confidence and clarity to pick the right candidate.


Embedded Candidates are 400% less likely to turn over within the 1st year of employment compared to active job seekers who often want to ‘upgrade’ soon after they become reemployed.


For Embedded Candidate Searches, Energy Sourcing assigns a dedicated team led by one of our Partners to head up the search.