You’re about to be FIRED! 7 signs it’s about to happen and what to do about it.

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Have you ever wanted to see into the future?  Well, in true Jeff Foxworthy fashion, here is are the signs that you may be then next person fired or laid off.

  1. If the change within our company is occurring faster than you are adjusting to it, you’re about to be fired.
  2. If your counterparts are given larger bonuses and pay increases and you are given a token increment or nothing for consecutive years, you’re about to be fired.
  3. If you haven’t learned anything new in the past year, you’re about to be fired.
  4. If you haven’t taken on additional responsibilities, despite your company’s growth, you’re about to be fired. 
  5. If you have more than 30% spare time and wonder how you should spend it, you’re about to be fired.
  6. If when you go on vacation, no one has to “plan” for your absence, you’re about to be fired.
  7. If the company is going through an improvement process and you are not asked for input, you’re about to be fired.

The first thing you need to evaluate is the value you are bringing into the company.  For a salesperson, this is easy to determine, for an admin, it’s much more difficult.  Ask yourself,

  1. How hard would it be to replace me?
  2. How many other people in the job market can do what I do for this company?

If your assessment shows you could easily be replaced, then Course of action: To overcome the Comfort Zones, you can undertake some or combination of following initatives ~ Look for relevant education program and qualify yourself ~ Opt for part time teaching to enhance knowledge and build network ~ Participate in groups relevant to your profession ~ Explore job opportunities outside ~ If necessary, do not hesitate to change your domain. For instance, you may look for Opportunities in Sales if there are no potential in your current Technical Services domain ~ Experiment new avenues like consulting for enhancing your earning potential ~ Spend few hours in week reading stories of great achievers to motivate yourself If you want to get what you did not have, you have to do what you have not done.  Stay away from comfort zones and always experiment discomfort zones. You will be amazed with the great opportunities that come your way!!